Environmental Issues

Our products come from far and wide and have different policies throughout.
Sheesham Furniture from India
These items are made from Sheesham wood, an Indian Rosewood. The wood is obtained from government maintained plantation forests to ensure an ongoing supply, and therefore limiting damage to the environment.

Other Indian Furniture
Many of our items are made from reclaimed wood which have been salvaged from old Indian buildings such as factories and Havelis. Recycling the timber this way creates stunning products as well as being an extremely resourceful way of manufacturing furniture.

Kenyan Accessories
Our wholesaler seeks to minimise their impact on the environment. All their items are handmade so no machinery or energy is used in the making of their products. They do not air freight any of their products, and transport all of their products by sea to reduce the carbon footprint.

Indonesian products
We deal with a few suppliers of Indonesian goods. They all try and encourage the manufacturers to minimise the impact on the environment wherever possible.  They do this by using recycled products wherever possible in producing the goods, sourcing raw materials locally and by using recycled packaging to protect their items when shipping.