Goat cart or go cart?

At the beginning of the twentieth century it would have been quite normal to see people sharing the road in India’s cities with bicycles, ancient tractors serving as taxis, and goat carts. Goats have been used as harness animals since antiquity. A goat cart was used for pleasure, but more importantly, under the direction of […]

This refurbished vintage railway light is a glimpse into Indian history

Anyone who’s ever been on a train in India will agree that it’s an experience. The journeys are hours and hours long, and from gorgeous countrysides to dirty garbage dumps, you get to see it all out of the window. Not to mention, the variety of interesting and wonderful people to watch. Indian railways weave […]

Recycled duck made from an upcycled petrol tank

India’s love affair with motorbikes started at the beginning of the 20th century when British officers started selling their old Nortons, BSAs and Triumphs to move up to advanced models back home. Today, in a culture where nothing goes to waste, India’s uber-creative makers and designers have upcycled old motorcycle fuel tanks into quirky ducks. […]

Chai: full of the Spice of Indian Life

India’s streets and railway stations are full of chai wallahs, usually old men with big pots of sweet milky tea flavoured with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and many other spices depending on the region. Drinking chai is an integral part of the rhythm of life in India, and these vintage iron chai ladles […]

The story behind these chapati boards

In a traditional Indian home where everyone sits on a stone floor cross-legged, the women of the house rolls out some chapati dough on one of these boards, before cooking the chapatis over the fire. Carved from one piece of wood, they make great cheese boards, as well as interesting decorative items for a table […]

These iron elephants are actually foot scrubbers!

Originally used by Indian women to get the mud off their feet when bathing in the river, these iron foot scrubbers have serrated bases and make a tinkling noise when you shake them, to warn passers-by that there are women washing in the vicinity and to please move along! They make great paperweights. £4 each […]