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Mango Wood Furniture

MANGO WOOD FURNITURE Originating in India some four thousand years ago Mango Wood is now used extensively across India in the production of furniture, instruments, flooring and more. There are many reasons why over recent years the use of mango wood has become continually popular. The main factor being the speed of growth, taking just […]

Old Teak Wood Furniture

OLD TEAK WOOD FURNIUTRE During our enjoyable buying trips to India we always find ourselves drawn to antique original pieces which have been crafted from the gorgeous teak wood. Each piece seems to have a story to tell, showing various patinas and imperfections created throughout its years of life. We discover items such as small […]

The Flying Seagull Project

  The Flying Seagull Project There has been one item here that is synonymous with the shop and that is the rickshaw (from Jaipur). Each day it has diligently been taken outside (rain or shine) where it has rested proudly – evocative of journey’s had, of culture, of people and of place. Often, you would hear children’s voices […]