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Blog Sept 2023

The day begins to the inimitable humid warmth, post monsoon season and a busy day ahead visiting a number of our ‘small’ family suppliers, in the back and beyond. Once picked up we make our way through the hustle and bustle of street/road life (thankfully) avoiding any contact with fellow users. A myriad of colour found on the many….

Day One – India

Well here we are. We have arrived and completed our first day. The past 48 hours have gone so fast…
The journey was pretty smooth all round.
On arrival to Jodhpur we were greeted by the familiar “crazy driver”. Always smiling, laughing; a welcome sight after the long journey. He brought us directly to the showroom where we had hugs…


Russ looking happy

Wake up to another beautiful morning amongst the evergreen, heat and stunning planting which envelops our place of rest; an oasis of calm and tranquility ….. before our journey takes us out, into the bustle and movement of the everyday to visit our long time suppliers and friends. Winding our way down further dusty, bumpy […]


Russ in Jodhpur

Finally arrived following the night flight to Delhi, with a few hiccups along the way (pre-entry’ covid forms were required at Heathrow that we did not know about), at which point both Russ and I are going ‘where’s Kristy’… incredibly (for us) we managed that part, only for me to go and lose my boarding […]