7 Benefits of Indian Furniture

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At JUGs people often ask: “Why Indian furniture?” We’ve been going to India to choose and bring back furniture for over 15 years, so we think it’s obvious, but just in case you needed convincing, here’s 7 reasons why Indian furniture is a great choice for your home:

1. Solid Wood
Indian furniture is made from real solid wood – it’s all natural, and feels much better than chipboard or mdf.

2. Warm Colours and Styles
Unlike a lot of modern items, Indian designers use warm colours and rustic styles that capture the heart and humour of India – that’ll look great in your home.

3. Sustainable
Indian furniture is made using recycled antique timbers and sustainably sourced wood, and we bring it in by ship, so it has a lower carbon footprint.

4. Modern yet Vintage
The designs are influenced by the mingling of contemporary India’s different cultures and styles, mixed with the historic heart and beauty of the pink and blue cities of Rajasthan. So you get something that’s modern and vintage at the same time.

5. Unique Furniture with Soul
It’s all made by hand – these are short run or unique pieces, and not mass produced. This is furniture with character and soul, that’ll last.

6. Fair Trade
It’s fairly traded – all the workers get paid a fair wage, and no one is exploited.

7. The Price
It’s all very reasonably priced.

Which means you can get great looking, unique furniture for your home, at a really good price!


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