Vintage Indian Furniture


Our vintage range of furniture comes from Rajasthan, North India. Many of these vintage pieces are part-new, designed around original vintage doors to create practical cupboards and sideboards with a traditional Indian feel.  Other items may have used bits of old carvings that have been salvaged from old buildings to create stunning and unique designs within trunks, bookcase and any pieces of furniture that the craftsmen puts their mind to! Whilst some pieces are true Indian originals once used in their homes, such as damchiyas (a cabinet designed to store a bride’s dowry), vintage cupboards, or even antique village fridges! Want something original? Then our Vintage range is the place to look. NB Due to the nature of this range, please bear in mind that each piece is unique and the colour, pattern, and metalwork, will all vary from one piece to another. Please contact us if you would like to see more photos of your item prior to purchase. Take a look at our ‘Vintage Indian Furniture’ here.