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Sheesham Wood Indian Furniture

SHEESHAM FURNITURE Sheesham (or shisham) is a decorative Indian rosewood tree, which primarily grows along the roads and river banks in the Punjab. After teak, sheesham is the most important cultivated timber of Bihar. The finest cabinets are made from sheesham, and it’s also the wood from which ‘mridanga’, the Rajasthani percussion instrument, is usually […]

Industrial Indian Furniture

Industrial Indian Furniture Post

INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE New to our collection are many of industrial Indian furniture and accessories nbsp; It is an eye catching style. This can be seen in the use of unexpected materials in their construction; often bringing a sense of unfinished rawness to many of the elements. These items are mainly crafted using wrought iron and […]

Reclaimed Wood Indian Furniture

RECLAIMED WOOD FURNITURE Our range of eco-friendly furniture is made from a mix of reclaimed and re-used timber from India, including teak, sheesham, and mango wood. Because the furniture is made from wood salvaged from different sources, it can come in a mix of original colours: usually blues, greens, and creams and sometimes oranges, red […]

Handpainted Indian Furniture

HAND PAINTED INDIAN FURNITURE All of our handpainted furniture is created by extremely skilled artisans in Jodhpur, North India. Each item has been individually painted by hand with intricate decoration, motifs and patterns and often based on classical Rajasthani themes and figures, while deep rooted in local tradition and history.  Using many colours these pieces […]

Vintage Indian Furniture

VINTAGE INDIAN FURNITURE Our vintage range of furniture comes from Rajasthan, North India. Many of these vintage pieces are part-new, designed around original vintage doors to create practical cupboards and sideboards with a traditional Indian feel.  Other items may have used bits of old carvings that have been salvaged from old buildings to create stunning […]