Make Your Home Great Again!

indian furniture trunk bone inlay unusual original

Many years ago a leading retailer ran a Chuck out your Chintz advertising campaign.

It was a pretty successful campaign, and some say it changed a nation’s taste.

However after years of ‘same same’ furniture and cheap wobbly chipboard drawers, we think the time has come to say Chuck Out Your Chipboard!

Get some decent, classic, real wood, vintage, solid teak furniture that’s made to last instead, and make your home feel great again.

This table shows why real wood furniture is better all round.

Why Chipboard Fails: Why Real Wood Succeeds:
X Wobbly legs Solid drawer bottoms don’t sag
or bend
X Bottoms fall out of the drawers Solid backs give units more stability
X Chipboard back comes off Units don’t wobble
X Chipped edges Unique and individual pieces
X Loose handles Natural smell and feel
Not veneered
Lasts for years

So take a look at our Real Wood Furniture Here, and make your home great again!