Mango Wood Furniture


Originating in India some four thousand years ago Mango Wood is now used extensively across India in the production of furniture, instruments, flooring and more.

There are many reasons why over recent years the use of mango wood has become continually popular. The main factor being the speed of growth, taking just 7-15 years to become commercially viable, making it sustainable and affordable. Another benefit is the ease at which it is harvested, processed, seasoned and dried. It also resembles the popular teak wood, in its core and visual characteristics, but is far far cheaper and easy to sustain than teak wood.

Mango’s hardwood consists of very dense grain that is durable, strong and not too hard on tools during woodworking. It can easily be cut and re-shaped into any form woodworker desires, which is not the case with other hardwoods. The fiber grains are packed so close one to another that the surface can receive a very high level of polish that gives out the satisfying level of polish that is similar to many other exotic types of wood. In addition to polishing, mango wood is also friendly to waxing and staining, making it excellent for use in the creation of furniture or other household objects.

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