Russ in Jodhpur

Finally arrived following the night flight to Delhi, with a few hiccups along the way (pre-entry’ covid forms were required at Heathrow that we did not know about), at which point both Russ and I are going ‘where’s Kristy’… incredibly (for us) we managed that part, only for me to go and lose my boarding pass between check-in at Delhi and boarding our short flight to Jodhpur. But as ever, staff here get things sorted (‘no problem’). A fairly bumpy flight then ensued with both Russ and I happy to reach terra firma again (Russ pumping the air). First met by a wall of heat as we stepped out onto the tarmac … and a wonderful familiarity of place. We called by our main supplier, where Russ is affectionately known as ‘Uncle’, and were greeted with garlands made of rose petals, with handfuls thrown in the air, like confetti…and where a deep mutual fondness, an unbreakable link has been formed.

Following a good nights sleep, we were both ready to return, full of energy and an excitement about what we were to find … and not disappointed. The journey to the ‘factory’ encompasses a myriad and tapestry of Indian life – it’s so wonderful to be amongst it all, following an enforced ‘covid-break’. The range of pieces found from sideboards to cabinets, hand-carved to reclaimed, antique to vintage, large and small, old panels to signs, coffee tables to bedsides, old doors to trunks …. on and on with more discoveries. Rooting round the ‘bone-yard’ with evermore, individual and original items unearthed …. which both Russ and I jointly enjoy, a whole treasure trove is revealed.

Such a wonderful day spent together, sharing lunch with father and son, new stories told and reminiscing of old ones, a perfect first day (shopping) to this trip. So tomorrow, it’s out and about (often down desert tracks in the middle of nowhere), meeting up with a number of other small family handicraft crafts-people and suppliers (old friends and ‘family’)… happy days. It’s now 7.30pm Tuesday and dinner is calling .. catch up again soon; thank-you for reading.