The wonders of India


Well doesn’t time fly…

We’ve had a busy few days, spent between our two suppliers.

Whilst at our main, bigger supplier we once again walk through his showrooms and warehouses, seeking out our favourites amongst the thousands of pieces. These items are gathered together out in the courtyard, and then as we take another walk through the same aisles again, many different pieces have now appeared in their places. So we once again make our latest selections and on it goes over the days we are here… choosing between such a variety of pieces, from old to new, doorknobs to large cabinets, natural woods to colourful handpainted. Lunch is taken together daily, with our friends bringing in their homecooked food for us to share. A pleasant and relaxed environment to spend our time, always being cared for.

Another day, spent on the road is a complete contrast to these other days. I wouldn’t say it is a hurry, but we move at a much faster pace. We’ve become used to what to expect at all of these much smaller family businesses. Who makes and specialises in what type of item. Our favourite hand painted supplier, the trunk man, the place to go for mirrors. Its nice to feel we are sharing our time and business between these families, supporting them all. You can read more about this day in Davids blog, before this one.

Below is a selection of our choices from these days.