The Flying Seagull Project


The Flying Seagull Project

There has been one item here that is synonymous with the shop and that is the rickshaw (from Jaipur).

Each day it has diligently been taken outside (rain or shine) where it has rested proudly – evocative of journey’s had, of culture, of people and of place.

Often, you would hear children’s voices talking excitedly on first seeing it and many a photo has been taken.

Over the years we have frequently been asked, ‘is it for sale?’; with a constant reply, ‘I’m sorry – no it’s not’.

Then one day we were approached by a couple enthused; bringing stories from afar, of magic tricks and of children’s laughter and smiles – they were the ‘Flying Seagulls’.  A troupe of clowns, magicians, circus artists and musicians, who take their skills, warmth and spirit to perform for refugee children around the world.

We were asked, ‘is the bike for sale?’ with the answer, ‘YES – she is’.

Next stop for the rickshaw is Athens where it will bring further smiles and laughter to the many children in need who have suffered displacement.

Quite some journey for all ……………..

You can take a look at the fantastic work they do here