Last little Rummage

Monday 19th March 2018

Well today is our last day out on the road to see what else we can find.

It can seem crazy at times.  I stand back and look around and all I can see is masses and masses of junk!  But you need to look closer than that. You need to really look.  Look at each thing.  Look behind each thing.  Under…  Dad is really good at this and can search around for ages, checking things out, asking prices.  I on the other hand get a little impatient,  but I do my best to seek out some treasures from amongst the chaos!

We traipsed from place to place looking high and low, rummaging here and there and this is what we found.

We are very much looking forward to receiving our next shipments.  We would expect the first one to arrive to our shop in Brighton and Hove sometime during May 2018.  In fact two usually arrive about a week apart, and then hopefully again after 4/6 weeks….

I will end my stories here, as I know tomorrow will have little to report on, just a little finalising here and there and then on Wednesday we begin our journey home.  We return to Delhi by train, one of my favourite parts of our journey.  It is an overnight train and can be quite an experience depending which carriage we are in.  We are lucky enough to have beds, but can be sharing with 2 plus others, sometimes many more if we are in a throughway carriage.  In the past we have met an array of different people so I look forward to seeing what our journey brings.

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into our buying trips and seeing where your products come from.

I look forward to being able to share the items we have brought back in their real beauty when they arrive to the UK, dusted, made good, and photographed in better space and light!

Kristy x