The Beauty of Sheesham Furniture




Sheesham is a beautiful Indian wood used to make furniture. It looks like rosewood, and is hard wearing and polishes to a lovely finish. Here’s more information about this great wood.


What is Sheesham?

Sheesham (Shisham, or Sissoo) wood, also known as Indian rosewood, is a semi-evergreen tree, which is native to India, Nepal and Pakistan, and primarily grows along roads and rivers in the Punjab.


Upright and spreading with age – some are up to 60 feet tall with nearly equal spread – it’s a gorgeous tree that brings a green feel to an otherwise dry landscape.

With leaves that tremble in the breeze much like quaking aspens, Sheesham is often planted where it can provide welcome, natural shade.

And it’s an important source of high-quality timber, used for making fine furniture and cabinetry. In India, it is second only to teak in economic importance.


Why does it Make Such Good Furniture?

Due to its strength and beautiful grain, sheesham wood is used to make lovely furniture. It maintains its shape during production, and can be polished to a fine finish.

Russ Inspects Sheesham Furniture at the factory

At JUGs, we’ve been working directly with the manufacturers of this light and dark wood furniture in northern India for more than 12 years.

Sheesham logs ready for production

All of the timber is sustainably sourced through Government-managed plantations, then kiln-dried and treated to protect it before production begins.

Sheesham Kiln Dry
Kiln drying the planks

Every piece of Sheesham wood furniture is hand finished. Because it’s an entirely natural product, there will be variations in knots and grain, and other minor imperfections can sometimes occur.

Indian furniture craftsman at work

These are considered part of the uniqueness and charm of Sheesham furniture.

Sheesham wood cabinet before staining

The grain (including knots) and colouring vary so much from one piece to the next, this is what makes each piece individual.


Staining in progress

Some people prefer a smooth clean look, others a rustic and natural finish. Sheesham offers both.

Take a look at our Sheesham Furniture range here.