Our first full day….

Wednesday 14th March 2018

So after an eventful start of a mini car accident 😳 we get straight to business! I did say the driver ‘usually’ gets us around in one piece! (First time that’s happened during my India trips so pretty good going….)

We begin our day in the showroom and later head across to the warehouse which houses masses of gorgeous furniture, in various styles. There are some interesting new Reclaimed items, such as sets of storage drawers, TV units and a few other bits.

And some nice pieces made from vintage doors… large cabinets and small cabinets.

I always love these original vintage hand painted trunks, with their intricate paintings depicting scenes from around India, often in a rich red colour! The photos don’t do these justice…

I’ll have fun Selecting some print blocks from all of these in a few days….

We also went to look at some gorgeous hand painted pieces smaller pieces. We have made a small selection of our favourites and currently they are being measured and priced up.

So after a productive day at the factory, which actually has been quite fast paced compared to how we normal are when we slip into Indian working speed and have achieved more than usual on our first day, we have now headed back to our hotel for a delicious Indian meal, which unfortunately for me I am not a fan of, and hopefully a good nights sleep.

More to follow…

K x

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2 thoughts on “Our first full day….

  1. adam says:

    We have a bunch of stuff in our house from your shop and will be buying more soon, so we look forward to more of these posts from where it comes from.

  2. kristy newnham says:

    Thank you. We hope we find some pieces that may be of interest to you. Feel free to send us a mail with anything specific we should look out for! Kristy

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