Bananas and Pancakes

Thursday 15th March 2018

Bananas and Pancakes… That is how I begin every day in India. It sets me up just nicely for my day ahead!

So today we were on the road! We enjoy these days a little more, although harder work.  We never know what we will find and are always pleasantly surprised!

Over the years we are tempted just to visit the same antique suppliers again and again.  We have our favourites, where we know we will find lots of spectacular pieces, many one offs!  But the other joy to these days out, is being taken to some much smaller businesses. We often walk in thinking ‘oh no, we wont find much here’.  But even the purchase of one of two items can make a great days work for these guys!

I remember once a few years back, having exactly those thoughts.  Me and Dad walked into a tiny showroom, and being the big softies that we are, decided to buy 7 wall cabinets which we didn’t really need, but were quite nice all the same.  That was all, as the room was very small with limited stock as they were only just starting out and really didn’t seem have anything else worth while the we would justify buying.  But on our way out we spotted this fantastic unique TV Unit, which we loved and just had to buy.  It went on the be the first thing to sell once back in the UK.  So you really do never know!  Definitely worth checking them all out, however little you may buy!

Here are some of the items we purchased today… should arrive in approx 8 weeks time to our store in Brighton and Hove.

(I do apologise for the bad photo quality, it is an impossible task trying to get good photos at these places and I gave up even trying many years ago!!  Also, as they have only just been selected here they are covered in dust (and sometimes bird poo?) and may yet to have small repairs made on them such as adding missing catches etc. The photos definitely don’t do them justice!)

Will enjoy another quiet evening with my Dad tonight, we planned to venture out of the hotel but I was too long working by the pool so we will just eat here again tonight.

Looking forward to receiving prices for our first days selection tomorrow,

K x

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