Working at UK Speed

Friday 16th March 2018

Usually when we visit our main supplier we spend much of the day sat in the office waiting…. waiting for someone to take us round the warehouse… waiting for prices… waiting for lunch even though we were told to come back to office as it was ready… waiting on some information… waiting for our driver to take us back to the hotel.  We are used to this and as i’m not someone who can sit twiddling my thumbs and staring into space i have learnt to keep myself busy during this time.  But, it seems on this trip that everyone is working at full capacity!  More often than not there is another buyer at the factory too, and now we know this is what normally slows us down more than anything else.  We are the only buyers here now, and everything seems to be getting done immediately. Which is good news for us!  Still a delay when waiting for lunch though…

So today was a productive day in which we have received prices and made our final selection of goods from our main supplier.  We still need to finalise these in a few days time when we have our order in front of us, but we now have a good in sight into what we are getting.

Also, new stock appears daily so no doubt we will be adding a few more pieces along the way too!

As always, sorry for the bad photo quality.  So much dust, lack of space, and bad lighting!

Hope you are enjoying the snow at home…

Kristy x

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