New Moon Today

Saturday 17th March 2018

Today is ‘New Moon’ day.  We weren’t aware of this so have arranged to go out on the road again.  Feeling a little bad as this should be a holiday day for the two young guys that drive us round and help us, plus for all the people from the places we were to visit.  It seems to be a similar day to our bank holidays, and have been told they usually just spend some time with the family or go to the cinema etc. One guy said he doesn’t really mind coming into work as he can be fairly casual on a day like today and he feels super relaxed.  That’s a bit like I feel when I work Sundays or Bank Holidays but don’t tell Dad that!

First stop, one of the larger factories, and usually one of my favourites.  I drove Dad a bit mad at first as I liked so much there and kept saying we should buy everything!  He calmed me down a bit and we became a little more selective, only to go back at the end and buy the other bits i’d liked! Good old Dad!

When we visit these types of places I always have my notebook and over the years have made little notes on the different antique suppliers …. going through here are some of my most important notes:

‘best place I think’… ‘good toilet’… ‘had to negotiate prices, doesn’t smile’… ‘best toilet’… ‘nice people but too expensive’… ‘small place, nice and easy’… ‘ok toilet’

It’s always a fight, do I drink water to keep hydrated or not so that I don’t need to use the very rural (mainly just used by men) Indian toilets!

Here is a small selection of pieces we have bought today.

We are eating out tonight at a quirky little restaurant called ‘On the Rocks’. You can read reviews on it on tripadvisor.

Night all,

Kristy x

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